Industry: Health, Wellness
Investment: 750K – 830K
Locations: Nationwide

185 centres and growing across 14 countries worldwide.

Opportunity Strong

A new frontier has arrived.

Osteostrong offers a remarkable opportunity for contribution driven entrepreneurs looking for a unique and promising business in the wellness industry. Our franchise system stands out as a distinct investment choice for those looking to shape a prosperous future. At the heart of OsteoStrong lies our revolutionary technology, a distinguishing factor in the field of bone and muscle strength and extending healthspan. This innovation places us at the forefront of the industry.
OsteoStrong stands out in the franchise landscape with unparalleled support and operational excellence. From the initial steps to the launch of your location and beyond, our dedicated team ensures you receive exceptional training and operational assistance every step of the way. Experience the difference with our unmatched care and support in your business journey.

Target Audience

OsteoStrong is designed for people of all ages, from teenagers to seniors, accommodating a wide spectrum of physical abilities and fitness levels. Our unique market is segmented into three primary categories;
Regenerate Strong: For those aged 60 and above, the program focuses on improving health span by enhancing bone density, muscle and joint strength, mobility, posture, and balance. It offers safe, customised OsteoStrong® sessions to help rebuild strength and maintain independence, especially for those dealing with bone density issues or past fractures.

Everyday Strong: For teens through to adults who want to proactively combat the effects of aging, this program focuses on naturally building bone, muscle, and joint strength. It aligns physical health with mental and spiritual well-being, helping to prevent osteoporotic fractures and enabling a longer, stronger, and more active lifestyle. It’s never too late to start, as bone loss begins in your 30s.

Performance Strong: Tailored for athletes, biohackers, and fitness enthusiasts, this program is endorsed by figures like Dave Asprey and Tony Robbins as the ‘ultimate biohack’. It focuses on achieving high bone density and muscle and joint strength, enhancing athletic performance. The program includes efficient, measurable osteogenic loading and recovery sessions to optimize the body’s natural processes and unlock peak physical potential.


High Intensity Loading

The Spectrum equipment is designed to emulate high impact loading, in a slow, controlled and highly safe and measurable way, building stronger bones, in accordance with Wolff’s Law – which states that bones adapt to the forces applied to them.

The Spectrum System enables high intensity loading on the bones, far exceeding loads that are normally experienced through daily activities or traditional exercise. By employing robotic-enhanced positioning, clients are placed in their strongest biomechanical position where they are 8-10 times stronger. This enabled the Spectrum system to maximise loading forces exerted on the bones and muscles, ensuring optimal efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

“OsteoStrong is the
ultimate BioHack”

Tony Robbins

Ownership Strong

Unlike many other franchise opportunities out there, OsteoStrong is committed to providing our franchisees with the highest degree of support, at an operational tempo that surpasses all others.

From the beginning of the process to the day you open your location and beyond our team is dedicated to helping you every step along the way. You’ll be amazed at the care and attention you receive in the area of training and operational support!

A message from our ANZ Master Franchisor, Perry Eckert S.C. D.App Sci

OsteoStrong® is pioneering a blue ocean business opportunity in Australia and New Zealand, championing a natural, non-pharma solution for bone and muscle health to meet the demand of a growing untapped market.

Introducing this business to Australia and New Zealand, my goal is to assist people improve their musculoskeletal health naturally, enhancing both their lifespan and healthspan. Focusing on this aspect of health is crucial, as it promises significant socio-economic advantages for individuals and the wider community.

As an OsteoStrong® franchisee, you will improve the lives of many in your community by lowering fall and fracture risks with our innovative program and Spectrum equipment. We’re not just running a business; we’re transforming the preventive healthcare landscape and setting new standards for musculoskeletal health and wellness.

My entire team is committed to the success of our franchisees, striving to create a meaningful difference in the lives of not just the franchisees but also their families, friends, and the wider community. We aim to transform lives, provide peace of mind, and significantly improve overall well-being.

Our 52-Week Franchise Mastery Program is tailored to guide new franchisees, ensuring impactful and deliberate decisions. With my personal experience in this field, I relate to the ambitions and queries involved. Together, we’ll ensure your success and positively impact our communities.

We are looking for contribution driven entrepreneurs like you, with a vision of tomorrow and the passion to make a difference!

To learn more about becoming a franchisee with OsteoStrong®, complete the enquiry form and we will be in touch.

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