Twisted Sista

Industry: Food, Retail
Investment: $300K – $600k
Locations: Melbourne

Putting a Twist on life’s simple pleasures

People love their cafes and it has become the social fabric of our everyday lives. It’s a place we catch up with friends, meet new friends, a place for go for business meeting or just to stop and relax and grab a bite to eat. In fact, for most of us we spend more time in cafes over the year than we spend away on our holidays. Sounds crazy but it’s a 100-Billion-dollar industry worldwide and In Australia the café industry is worth more than 10 Billion a year with an annual growth increase than is faster than the Fast Food industry.

So, we set out to create a space that our customers would enjoy, a place you could imagine the gang from friends hanging out in. A place that makes you feel welcome.

“With Twisted Sista we wanted to create an original and authentic concept best described as a place to indulge the senses. The Twisted Sista idea was to create a unique twist on a modern café combined with a Gelateria that will have you instantly wanting more.

We are Sam and Martha Di Salvo and we launched the first Twisted Sista in Fountain Gate Shopping Centre, Victoria in June 2011.  Through dedication, our diligent hard work was recognised by winning 7 retail excellence awards including the prestigious “Best Retailer in Victoria” award by Westfield.  

Over the years this inspired us to push the boundaries of business to see what we were capable of. Twisted Sista was born from a vision to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement with a menu based on the freshest ingredients delivered with exceptional personalised service. We put everything we had into the business and worked harder than ever before. We soon knew we had created a recipe for success and with family at the heart of everything we do.

Offering something new and unique in casual dining, the Twisted Sista brand quickly became well recognised by our clients and our client base grew faster than we could have imagined.

Today Twisted Sista is renowned for its incredible gelato displays and desserts, a welcoming atmosphere and a customer experience that is as visually exciting as it is delectable. In short creativity coupled with amazing presentation and damn good food is at the very soul of the Twisted Sista brand.


We’ve also become well known for our quality products including our delicious all-day breakfasts, focaccias, tacos, Burgers and salads and amazing Gelato which is hand made by Twisted Sista at our own factory using old fashioned recipe’s using real fruit. You must try it to taste the difference.

We use only the freshest ingredients and like our Italian Nonnas we “live” to satisfy hungry bellies with great tasting comfort food. Our own Twisted Sista secret recipes pack a punch full of flavour – there is nothing bland about us!

So, if you are looking for a business that is more than just a boring bland café with the same old boring menu’s then considering putting a Twisted Sista in your life and we guarantee, you won’t be looking back. We know what it takes to run a great cafe and we want to invite more franchisees to work with us in the next chapter of the Twisted Sista Story.

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