The Cupcake Desire


The Cupcake Desire

Industry: Food, Restaurant
Investment: 300K – 350K
Locations: Melbourne

Have you ever wanted to own your own business but didn’t know how to do it?

Do you have the drive to succeed and the desire to be a part of something unique?

The Cupcake Desire is looking for dedicated owner operators to help us take our fantastic products to the masses.

From birthday parties to corporate events and weddings, cupcakes are used to celebrate any occasion. All our cupcakes and cakes are baked fresh every day. We have over 19 assorted flavors and use the finest ingredients, which are all natural with no artificial preservatives.

Cupcakes are not only for special occasions, they are also a main revenue driver with many people choosing a cupcake and coffee combo as they walk past these irresistible treats.

The Cupcake Desire saw an opportunity to be the number one choice when cakes are sought and plan to continue being the first choice when people want a treat.

The edge we have over our competitors is that we have a distinctly recognizable brand, an excellent quality product and the ability to take our customers out of the worries of the day and into a warm and friendly place where they can relax and enjoy being with friends and family.


There are many reasons why The Cupcake Desire should be your choice of franchise

The Product Offering

When you bite into any of our cupcakes, they will always be fresh and noticeably made from scratch, using real ingredients like butter and sugar.

The cupcakes themselves are irresistible, but remember you also have cakes, drinks and sundaes, Ice-creams, Pies, and Sandwiches as part of your menu. In fact we have very own unique blend of coffee, which is 100% Arabica and got lemon like brightness with stone fruit and a light cocoa flavor.

Our brand

We have developed our brand to be friendly, unique and well recognized. Just ask any of our thousands of Facebook fans!

The Revenue

The revenue generated from a single store can be quite substantial. We are not your everyday run of the mill coffee shop, which happens to sell cupcakes; we also supply large corporate events, weddings, birthdays and any other special occasion. Imagine combining the revenue from a café and a wedding cake store!

Our design

The design of our stores creates a whimsical experience that lures customers in and provides them with an unforgettable experience. We also design our stores to maximize the experience of the cakes, so the cupcakes practically sell themselves.

Our locations

The Cupcake Desire only opens stores in the most superior locations and do not require a large footprint, hence, you can keep your overheads down while maintaining high sales. Some of our highest performing stores are the smallest ones.

Our Ease of Operation

We produce the cupcakes and deliver them to you, so there is no cooking involved for your, just lots of energy and a friendly face to tackle the crowds. You don’t even need to have previous experience in retailing as you will be trained in everything you need to know.

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