EARL Canteen

Industry: Food, Restaurant
Investment: $300K+
Locations: Melbourne

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Who is EARL?

EARL Canteen is a champion of absolute quality; a no-compromises business
philosophy with focus on consistency, friendly service & speed of delivery.
A fast-paced cafe group in Melbourne CBD, founded in 2010 based around some
much applauded fancy sandwiches and developed into the industry leader of
fast, quality food & speciality coffee.
There’s now EARL for every part of your day; excellent coffee from open to
close, breakfast, lunch, dinner & everything in between ensuring the
thousands a daily regulars across seven CBD locations are well and truely
looked after.

The EARL Story

With hospitality running through their veins, EARL founders Simon O’Regan &
Jackie Middleton opened the first EARL in 2010 after running iconic Sydney
and Melbourne restaurants for other people. They wanted something that
their restaurant buddies would ‘get’ but that their new buddies, those
precious regulars could come to daily, sometimes three times a day. A place
where quality and service was as much the focus as at a fancy restaurant.
It gave them an idea… they are the original hungry waiters.

Simon O’Regan & Jackie Middleton

Simon is the Get-Stuff-Done guy at EARL. He manages the business
development, a team of 80 staff and managers, the financials, and all the
day-to-day craziness that 8 locations can throw at a person.
With a background in high-end restaurants like Rockpool and Attica, Simon
embodies the focus that quality, attention to detail and passion at that
level can offer to a fast-paced hospitality environment. All without taking
his eye off the main ball, EARL customers.
Jackie is the creative lead at EARL with her major focus as Head Food Nerd
encompassing all things delicious, nutritious and desirable to eat. Jackie
is also the voice of EARL across the marketing department and the look of
EARL across store design. Essentially, as she likes to tell people, all the
fun things. With a background in food styling, menu design & recipe
development, EARL’s quality focus is balanced with speed through innovative
use of technology, a healthful leading-foot in the fast casual sector and
amazing service through a no-compromises business philosophy.

Market Leading Quality & Service

EARL’s quality focus is balanced with speed & high attention to detail, the brand is renown for its honesty and integrity. Free-range chicken, eggs andmeats, baked-for-that-day breads, in-store baked sweets, the sandwich
mayonnaise made daily, by hand, with pasteurised free-range egg yolks. Through a combination of technology and clever menu design, in-store kitchens are simple but offer transparency into the slick kitchen processes that customers appreciate and marvel at.

Visually, open-deck display refrigeration provides a focal point of the stores, bountiful and colourful, allowing customers the opportunity to select in their own time and really engage with the products. Made to order
offers across breakfast, lunch and dinner are represented on digital screens, professionally styled with dynamic graphics.

In a city like Melbourne, you can be judged solely on your coffee offer. Coffee is a vital part of the EARL experience, locally roasted speciality bean’ served with premium milks, made by skilled baristas. This is proudly a very ‘Melbourne’ coffee experience.

EARL manages to combine the sometimes competing concepts of convenience and healthfulness in a compelling way. EARL was born in corporate Melbourne where customers demanded the highest quality but often purchased to eat at their desk. EARL targets a quality focused customer who appreciates an innovative, healthful experience, delivered consistently every time with a smile.

‘EARL for every part of your day’ speaks to the many different ways an EARL
customer engages with the brand; the every day trusted go-to.

At it’s very core, the EARL Canteen brand is about developing lasting
relationships with customers based around the pillars of service, trust,
consistency and honesty.

EARL is a Melbourne Brand, Built from a Worldly Benchmark

Designed in Melbourne.
Sourced in Melbourne.
Made in Melbourne.
For Melburnians.

EARL has a particularly strong brand recognition in the Melbourne CBD being the market leader in the quality fast casual, ‘grab & go’ space. Opening in 2010 under the NAB building at 500 Bourke St, EARL became ‘famous’ for their pork belly sandwich and was featured multiples of times in Gourmet Traveller, Delicious, Vogue Entertaining, The Age, The Australian, The Herald Sun, various TV features and dozens of online publications, and even Wallpaper UK.

The brand has naturally evolved in eight years and is often compared by well travelled regulars as the Australian answer to Pret-a-Manger. The original store is still today a favourite of the legal and judiciary.

The EARL concept, whilst sought after in a corporate environment is equally successful in the leisure space as identifed at Emporium Melbourne. The location is arguably the most high profle in the level 3 cafe court, with it’s own unique vantage over the centres sun wells, with the sort after EARL shared table.

More than just a Cafe Group

EARL has a strong community on social media, particularly twitter and Instagram. Posts are considered, engaging, educational and not outsourced. The tone of voice is an exceptionally important part of the brand message. The EARL website is professional and sophisticated with styled imagery and content, and importantly dynamic in its adaptability to all mobile devices. The EARL website features integrated complete nutritional and calorie information for all Everyday and core Fancy products, including allergen and dietary information, again another industry best practice.

The website offers fast online catering orders which sees EARL delivered to offces all over Melbourne each day. EARL considers catering as the 8th store, the volume of sandwiches, salads and morning teas gives the EARL experience to thousands of new customers every week, that may never have been to an EARL store. Developing a new ‘club of raving fans’ who become as important brand ambassadors as the daily store regulars.

Share the Journey, Partner with Us

We’re a pretty fussy bunch at EARL, we like things just right. If you do
too, join us on this journey. Partnership opportunities are now welcome.

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