Coco Cubano


Coco Cubano

Industry: Food, Retail
Investment: $300K – $400K
Locations: Nationally and Internationally

Coco Cubano brings you a Cuban inspired menu in a setting that’ll have you feeling like you’re in down town Havana.

Coco Cubano has been one of the fastest growing franchise hospitality groups in Australia. Coco Cubano’s appeal spans a variety of age groups and demographics. There are plenty of reasons and occasions that drive visitation for different audiences.


All day dining at its best, starting with brekky – espresso coffee and one of the best takes on Eggs Benedict you’ll have, complete with bacon and slow cooked pulled pork. Lunch time it’s the likes of Cuban Street Sandwiches, Burgers, Salads, Southern Fried Chicken, Burritos, Quesadillas to name a few. Into the evening choose Tapas & Cocktails as well as Fajitas, Nachos, Burgers & more! Be sure to save some room for Churros or Waffles with the most amazing pure melted chocolate.


The Coco Cubano concept was inspired by Avril and Tony Melhem’s dreamlike experience in Havana, Cuba. They began their journey to build a successful licensed cafe business model that captured the exciting Cuban experience. Inspired by Havana, Coco Cubano was born in the inner-city streets of Potts Point – Sydney, Australia in 2008.

Soon after the first doors opened, the Coco Cubano way of life spread and as a result franchising began in 2012. Coco Cubano has now grown to 12 locations across New South Wales, Queensland and Perth. The business has been one of the fastest growing franchise groups in Australia.

Coco is a unique business concept and nothing like this has existed before in Australia. With a large product mix, Coco Cubano caters to numerous demographics.  The multiple business formats available to franchisees allow for targeted venues that suit the location and the customers.

Coco Cubano began as a Café/Bar, and has since been developed into two additional models;

  • A large Café/Restaurant/Bar (CRB),
  • A smaller Cubanita (kiosk/in line store).

The Cubanita Kiosk is the newest format, designed to be located within higher foot traffic areas. Being the smallest, the lowest cost and the most scalable format, the Cubanita is the easiest Coco Cubano to run and manage.

  • Coco Cubano’s first Cubanita opened in October 2016 in the newly redeveloped Pacific Fair shopping centre (Gold Coast, QLD).
  • The Cubanita offers counter service and features a new limited menu.
  • Developed to fit the faster pace and more casual environment of a kiosk shop.
  • The Cubanita provides an easy escape and a good meeting place within shopping centres making coffee and a quality pastry cabinet integral to the mix.
  • The three models have each been developed to suit a variety of site locations. Coco Cubano is for everyone, and everywhere, and you will find us in:
  • Shopping centres
  • Restaurant precincts
  • Outdoor dining destinations
  • High streets
  • Stand-alone locations
  • Transport hubs

Open for that morning espresso hit, or lounging for a late-night cocktail, Coco Cubano has a universal appeal. Every age group and every. demographic can find something at Coco Cubano – everyone is welcome! From a quick casual visit at any time of the day our customers meet for coffee, a bite to eat, or maybe a cocktail or two, or three, or four! we make sure each visit to Coco Cubano is special.

While each Coco Cubano venue is vibrant and unique, it’s the people that breathe life into the experience. Coco Cubano is a complete attitude.

As a brand ambassador, your priority is to create a funky and fun environment. A place where people keep coming back for more. You know how to make your customers and staff feel good, feel special and important.

Pressure doesn’t scare you, and you feel comfortable slinging out those cocktails and Cuban delights like a pro.

You’re a positive person who focuses on the solution and not the problem.

With a growth mindset, you know how to have fun, but you also know when to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Networking and marketing come naturally to you and you can identify new opportunities. Your staff look to you for inspiration and motivation, and your passion and enthusiasm brings everyone together.

If this sounds like the business you’ve been searching for then let’s get together and find out more about you and see if you fit the Coco Cubano family.

Please complete the enquiry form and we will be in touch with you ASAP.

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