Aquarium Gallery

Investment: $300K-$400K
Locations: Nationally

Welcome to the Aquarium Gallery

Aquarium Gallery is the first in Australia to turn a "pet fish shop" into not only a high
standard specialty aquarium shop but an "Aquarium Gallery" which includes fish,
aquatic plants, corals, natural aqua-scaping materials along with, of course, the best
equipment and accessories to enable anyone to enjoy the wondrous beauty of
aquatic life in their own home or office. 

We make the aquarium shopping experience fashionable and enjoyable. We sell a
true aquarium not just a pet shop fish tank. Visiting our store is an experience from
design to reality, interior design pleasing finishes.
Aquarium Gallery is a high-class retail outlet, similar to a jewelry store or high-end
motor vehicle experience. Our aquariums are displayed in their finished state as you
would see them in an office or home, this gives inspiration and creates amazement
at the natural aquatic world.

An Aquarium Gallery custom designed store is a proven concept which has never
been offered in Australia before. We offer the customer a truly comfortable retail
experience, from the moment they hold the front door handle they begin their
journey into the amazing and inspiring aquarium world because we pay specific
attention to every detail resulting in healthy, beautiful and sustainable aquarium life.
While customers enjoy our displays and helpful informative staff we even offer
complimentary refreshments.

If you love the beauty of aquatic life we will show you how you can turn your passion
into a business and be proud of yourself, what you do every day you are at work and
make money doing it.

Our vision

is to offer a stylish, refreshing and comfortable gallery style retail experience not
only for the main buyers but also for their friends and family.  Our experience has
proven that is the friends and family of the main buyer also enjoy the experience
they in turn support and encourage the main buyer into having an inspiring and
successful aquarium experience in their home or office.

Our mission

is to create the customers’ ideal vision of the wondrous beauty of aquatic life in their homes and offices. To achieve the mission, we only offer high quality products with the best service.

Why become an Aquarium Gallery franchisee?

Our management team have a combined 45 years of relevant experience in industry, retail and wholesale. They have successfully turned many imagery concepts into realities. We have a team of people with expertise in all areas of running a successful enterprise including: Professional Retail Service and Management to ensure your franchise business runs smoothly and efficiently as well as Professional Graphic and Interior Design to ensure the visual elements at your own Aquarium Gallery store are presented distinctively to enhance and encourage sales; and, of course, years of knowledge and experience in aquatic lives and long term aquarium keeping to ensure our mission is achieved.

We are proud to offer you this revolutionary concept with a proven successful system with its unique, high level of distinct and integrated brand identity throughout.

Aquarium Gallery is proud to be a member of the Franchise Council of Australia. This ensures both parties, you as the franchisee and we as the franchisors, are looked after by each other. We provide efficient hands-on training for staff and management with continued in store support. And together with scheduled, regular communications and meetings, this ensures you have on going and up to date management skills, product knowledge and the know-how to succeed incorporated into your business.

Am I the right person to join the gallery?

All masters were once beginners. We are looking for fish lovers, reef enthusiasts and hard workers who would simply love to work in an aquatic environment with a commitment to being part of this industry leading concept.

If this sounds like the business you’ve been dreaming about then feel free to complete the enquiry form and we will be in contact with you to discuss the opportunity further and answer some of your initial questions.